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    took me into her bedroom Slave like a girl Hill Wei

      took me into her bedroom

    Mrs Steerforth was particularly happy in her son’s society, and

    coming up the garden

    parting from her old playfellow and friend—her favourite cousin—

    ‘I do, and you can’t help yourself,’ replied Uriah ‘To think of

    same uneasy jealousy of him; but if I had any reason for it beyond

    Agnes had no time to say more, for the room door opened, and

    Away we went The advertisement directed us to apply to Mrs

    himself By little and little it came out, that, in the competition on

    shop,’ said Traddles, with a great enjoyment of his mystery, ‘which

    strolled about the Common, I showed her an old housekeeping-

    like I’m a doing now There’s a babby for you,’ said Mr Peggotty,

    but I found her looking at me—in an odd thoughtful manner, as if

    allowed to wrap myself up over-night, and sleep in my hat and

    of the interests involved’

    All this I observed, sitting at the table in the corner with my

    notes and glanced at them

    The first objects that assume a distinct presence before me,

    penitence, ‘Oh, Mrs Crupp, Mrs Crupp, never mind the broken

    and had not yet got out of his cramped brick-and-mortar

    my heart, sobbing and crying all night—of her being alone,

    is always forgetting herself, and taking care of the other nine’

    ‘Oh, Davy, Davy!’

    such awful consequences, that he became uncomfortable in his

    David Copperfield

    Miss Dartle played backgammon as eagerly as she did

    ‘Jane Murdstone, leave it to me, if you please I say, David, to

    His honest face, as he looked at me with a serio-comic shake of

    approached him tenderly, for I loved even him; but he showed his

    ‘Well, he wasn’t there at all,’ said Mr Dick, ‘until he came up


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